The Pursuit of Mathematics in India

Here is a small article I wrote for an NGO called Srijan Sujan ( about pursuing mathematics in India:

The Pursuit of Mathematics (PDF Version)

Please feel free to share. Also comment directly on the post so that people can gain from your insights and suggestions. I do not wish to edit the file unless there are major mistakes.



2 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Mathematics in India

  1. Nice article Nishant. I would like to add some more books and websites:

    1. Men of Mathematics by Eric Temple Bell
    2. Geometry and the Imagination by David Hilbert, Stefan Cohn-Vossen.
    3. Gamma: Exploring Euler’s Constant by Julian Havil
    4. The Princeton Companion to Mathematics. (A panoramic view of modern mathematics)
    5. Quanta Magazine: (Maybe the best online “pure” science magazine)
    6. The Mathematical Intelligencer:
    7. The Coming of Age of Mathematics in India by Raghavan Narasimhan:
    8. Terrance Tao’s webpage:
    9. Cédric Villani’s webpage:
    10. John Baez’s website:

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