The Chicken

People who know me, would know why this is related to me. A class one coward. Let me tell you more about it.

When I think of my cowardice, the first thing that strikes me is the time when my parents shifted me to another room. The new room had no night bulb. This meant that there would be no light when I would be trying to sleep. Unacceptable. Tantrums, fights and when nothing worked I would refuse to leave my parent’s room. A little coaxing got me to stay in that room. The deal was that I would hold my sister’s hand till I fell asleep. After a while my sister got  bugged and I was shifted to another room(with a night bulb).

My cowardice was not arbitrary. I always had some way of rationalising it. If I swim I might drown; if I ride the bike I might be hit by a car; if I go on that ride it, I might throw up; if I sleep without the light, the ghosts will spot me but I will not be able to spot them and so on. As a result I never learnt how to swim, or ride a bike or do anything remotely exciting.

Even when I grew up, the cowardice stayed. Unless I can conclude that this is not going to harm me, I do not take another step. It was indeed a golden day in my history, when I learnt how to swim. (Yes!!! I now know how to swim.)

This weekend I went on a trip with a club(VOC) to the Sphinx hut. The route was over the Panaroma ridge and from there onto the hut. It was a 21 kilometer route and we made it to   the 17 km mark(at Panaroma Ridge) quite easily. We were supposed to make the return journey tomorrow. The forecast said that it might rain. I am now comfortable with snow, but snow on steep slopes, lack of proper trail and rain did not seem the right thing for the inexperienced soul. Although a lot of our group were enthusiastic about it, I convinced half the group to chicken out.  This is the first time I turned round during a trip. But you know what, I don’t have a broken leg and am happy about it. I hope that my brain will keep on taking these mature decisions as time goes on. People as me, do not tend to do great things. To do great things you need to step out of your safety parameter. Do I care?

It was still an excellent trip. Here are some pictures. (Do read the captions… )


13 thoughts on “The Chicken

  1. lol… nice photos and a nice post too 🙂

    BTW Nishu, do u do ANY work these days? I mean proper work for which they are paying you? 😛 You are having far too much fun!

    And sending me these emails right before the work-week starts is so not cool…

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