Weather in Vancouver

I love hiking and spending time outside. But weather in Vancouver is one unpredictable beast. Let me give you a general picture.

September is more or less okay. But it might rain. So we wanted to go for a department hike and it rained each and every weekend till October sorts. The good thing about this are the autumn colours.

Photographer: Cheenu

Yellow and reddish hue falling from heaven it seems,

As winter finally wins the race,

My heart yearns for those everlasting dreams,

As every raindrop mars my face.

By end October, start November it begins to rain. It rains and rains and rains and occasionally snows and then rains again and now its terribly cold. Not cold cold, but still very cold.

Photographer : Cheenu

And then comes spring. We waited the whole time, but it did not come this year. Let us assume it does.

The flower fill the island sweet,

Dandelions, tulips and roses sway,

Not green I can see in the morning, Greet

cherry blossoms on every street.

Photographer: Swiya

And then starts summer. When one arrives at Vancouver, everybody tells him: you should wait for May, you should wait for May. And when May comes it will still be raining and miserable. The weather is still quite unpredictable and sometimes even the forecast websites give up.NaN: not a number for temperature.

Credits: Anupam

I am sure Dharmendra did not mean this when he sang to Mumtaz. But I  mean it:

By June weather  is nice. You can spend time outside and this is why I am here. This is when I call this place heaven. Pretty, youthful and sheer loveliness, the city comes alive.

Photographer: Gourab

Looking forward to cloudless skies,

Where the days are warm and rain rare,

A young man shall jump and dive,

Frolicking in nature’s care.

I love this place 🙂


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