A walk

Me and Gourab rambled around Lynn Valley on an early Wednesday morning. Some come from earlier ramblings.

I come and leave and leave and come,

No road has seen  and no road begun,

A thousand lightbulbs in the sun,

Dew drops on the leaves they lie,

Unperturbed by the afternoon high. It sings to its own delight,

Giving young mathematicians some fright.

A river runs down below,

Do you mind the reflection though.

Rice Lake its called, I know not why,

Pretty as it is, on the gloomiest sky.

The stones form a maze in the water fill,

I know not how to find the way within.

The sun shines on an evening gay,

The forest, the greenery, the sight is my prey.

Do not disturb me it says today,

Come tomorrow and I shall sing to ye.

An empty bridge stands over water high,

I wish had someone to walk with by.

Random people on the street I meet,

Are not so random after I greet.

The king sleeps in heaven dear,

Yet the palace lives on earth near.

The day is gone do not bereave,

The moon is bright among clouds meek.


20 thoughts on “A walk

      1. par main to poem ki baat kar raha tha 🙂 or captions as you called them. For some obscure reason, they seem to rhyme! :d

  1. pictures bohot mast hai…..truly amazing..

    poem ka kuchh kuchh jaga thoda….(cough cough)…

    par altogether good job..:)

  2. hey Nishant, thanks for sharing…simply wonderful(the pics I mean!!) 😀 ok ok joking – the poetry is also pretty good… 🙂

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