My First Trip to a Skating Rink

Does this not sound like one of the Class-2 essays that you did write? If it does, then I am happy that it reflects the essence of this post. After a long time, I felt as if I was a child.

A small flashback if you allow me.

As a small child, I used to sleep in my parent’s room. When I grew up a little more, everyone in the house decided I was growing big and I should sleep in my elder sisters’ room. Not a big deal? Well, it was. My mother used to keep the night bulb on and my sisters didn’t. For the first few nights, I used to kept poking my sister till she would help me into my Parent’s room.This lasted for a few days till my sister started telling me stories till I fell asleep.

Anyhow, what does this tell us? If there is something called a scared chicken then that is me. I was a joke at the amusement parks. I would stick to my mother and if someone tried taking me to a ride, I would start wailing. Big teardrops rolling down my cheek. Imagine…

When I grew up a little more(class 7ish sorts), my brother decided I should swim. It did not sound so bad. First day, check. Second day, check.  Third day the trainer said, next day you have to swim. Nothing, mark my words, nothing could have taken me to the pool again. There ends my swimming lessons.

Thus by the end of school, I had never climbed a ride, never learnt swimming, never cycled or roller skated. With this I entered college.

Slowly but surely I have now become braver, and people who know me will be proud to know that I tried ice skating today. An event organised by the Thunderbird Residence(i.e. the one I am staying at), was for free. As a Self Respecting Graduate Student I could not have refused.

Step 1: I reached the  meeting point for the event.

Step 2: I walked with them to the skating rink.

Step 3: I took the blades.

If you have any clue about basic mathematics and me the steps were becoming exponentially harder. Blades, rink,me and my audience. What joy?

Anyhow, I got onto the rink.

Lesson Number 1: Ice is slippery.

There was a sudden barrage of suggestions from all directions. You are supposed to keep your feet in this way, move them in this direction, Bend your knees, lean forward blah blah and double blah. I stood there, listening, trying to drink in every word, holding the railing hard, slipped and fell. What a wonderful start.

Lesson Number 2: Ice is cold.

I was told that the skates I had taken were too big. So, I decided to get smaller ones. When I returned I saw that one of the ‘Experts’ was on the bench. It is halloween and lot of people were dressed funnily. There was a red liquid coming down his cheek. I thought it was yet another gimmick. The red liquid was actual blood and soon there was  a pretty lady tending his wound. There was pretty dirty gash on his right eyelid.

Lesson Number 3: Falling can hurt.

This was not the kind of thing that encouraged me further but anyhow I turned back into the rink. The pretty lady gave a few more pointers on how to skate and I was at it again. It was my aim to go round the circle once. Imagine a person going wobble wobble wobble holding the railing, still going wobble wobble wobble etc.. Anyhow I began my great circle. Time to time someone would come around laugh, joke and scurry back. Arghhh!! After a lot of work I finally finished a quarter of the circle. And then they changed the direction.

Lesson number 4: Move with the crowd.

And so I had to. But now, I had picked up speed.  Soon, I was back at the starting position. Suddenly a group of giggly undergrads approached me. “Can you take a picture of us?” I said, “Why not?” Okay. One hand on the railing, one hand on the camera and my legs wobbling  . I did not have to say “Say cheese.”

Lesson number 5: If you thought skating was hard, try taking a picture while on ice.

Anyhow, where was I?  So I continued on my great journey. Not long after, I had completed another 3/8ths. I was really steaming ahead. I looked around with the innocent childish face. Ahhh look at him, did someone steal his puppy.

A pretty female noticed me saw and shouted out “Is this your first time?” And soon she was there.

Pretty lady 2:What sport do you play?

Me:Badminton(!!why?I don’t play badminton)

Pretty lady 2: Okay. Think that you are waiting for the birdy. blah blah…

Half a minute later she was helping me back on my feet.

Lesson number 6: Skating is not so bad after all.

She continued preaching, I continued listening. Before I could take all the wisdom in, ” Time to clear the ICE” shouted Pretty Lady 1. Pretty lady 2 asked me “Shall I take you back? ”  I said, “No, Thanks.”

Lesson Number 7: Make the right choice.

I sometimes wonder why I do certain things. Really.

Anyhow, not long after, the ice was clear except one dear friend of mine struggling at the 1/4th mark. I continued.
Pretty lady 1 approaches: We are going to make this quicker.

Me: I don’t want to die.

Pretty lady 1 giving me a glaring stare.

Me to myself:(I certainly don’t want to die like that)

Lesson Number 8: Listen to pretty ladies.

She held my hand and guided me back to the starting position. I was told that my shoes were not tied properly and were still  big in size. which tells us:

Lesson number 9: Learn to tie your laces and pick things of your own size.

Anyhow, I met a lot of people and had lot of fun. I will certainly try skating again, soon 🙂


11 thoughts on “My First Trip to a Skating Rink

  1. “Pretty lady 1 giving me a glaring stare.

    Me to myself:(I certainly don’t want to die like that)”

    There is no better way to die! 😉

    How come there is no picture of you wobbling over ice or falling flat on your face? What kind of friends have you got there!? Did no one take an embarrassing picture of you? Post it if you have got it!

    On a different note, check this link out:

    It’s good stuff.

    1. Shivam, I was scared out of my wits when she glared at me. But now I think back.. ah it would not be too bad. 🙂 I don’t have any pictures of me falling though or maybe I dont remember whether I do. Anyhow it doesn’t help asking me does it? the link is awesome. Thanks. Its a wonder that people still care about maths 🙂

      1. I have heard of this stuff a lot, not that I understand it though. I sort of perceived this phase of yours when you sent me the first link. I was half expecting you to send out a PhD application. But then.. I guess not 🙂

  2. 🙂
    I must accept, that was damn hilarious. And by the way, as far as the ladies are concerned, I think u did fairly well. I mean, either u succeed, or u mess up, but never be an average. Which holds true for skating as well.
    That is enough to get u all the attention u will ever need

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