Visa Application

I applied for US Visa recently. Quite interesting. A 3 page form asking you a million times whether  you are a terrorist. Trust me,that was not the bad part. So I had an appointment at 11. Not being a morning person I struggled to reach on time, skipping a class, breakfast etc. There was quite a queue outside the building. In about half an hour, they finally started letting people in. A pretty little girl who came after me went up to the security and sweetly said, “you know its a bit cold here”(it was freezing).  Darn I miss a Camera again.The batting of the eyelids, the rosiness of her cheeks, she was in, in a jiffy, while we were left at nature’s mercy. It reminded me of those Night clubs at Robson on Saturday Nights. Not having a female security personelle I had to wait the whole time. I entered the building at 12:30. I finally had my chance to get interviewed at 3. In the meanwhile, the security guy dropped by. I was strolling around the waiting area. He wickedly mentioned “I just had my lunch” and started laughing.. Ahh this was surely his day. Thankfully I had people around to talk to; There was this couple from the Alaska Border and another fellow from Iran. We happily slammed the system together. Cursing someone is always a nice way to make a conversation .

I will get my Visa on the Friday. After all the War and all the Glory I am happy.


2 thoughts on “Visa Application

  1. aaah, got screwed by a woman again Nishu? 😉 and that too only figuratively!

    I am surprised though that your smile did not work on the security guy. As I understand your smile transcends the boundaries of caste, creed, race and even gender 😀

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